Japanese Fast Food


American fast foods such as McDonald’s or Kentuckey Fried Chicken are popular in Japan, but we have our own fast foods, too.

Typical Japanese fast foods are ‘donburi'(same as ‘don’, means bowl), udon(wheat noodle), soba(buck wheat noodle).

‘Nakau’ is one of the most successful don chain restaurants in Japan, along with ‘Yoshinoya’ and ‘Sukiya’.


At ‘Nakau’, you can have many kind of dons, including beef don –their main product.

Today,  I had ‘Oyako-don(parent-and-kid don)’ and small udon.


‘Parent-and-kid don’ uses chicken and egg.
‘Tanin-don(strangers don)’ uses beef and egg.
An egg is a kid of a chicken, but cows and chickens are strangers each other.
Funny naming, isn’t it?


Night street view from inside the shop makes me feel a little bit lonely.

Pork Bowl


I hear that “STADON” is a pork bowl chain restaurants that is popular in Kanto area, or the eastern Japan.

Today’s dinner is at a Kyoto branch of Stadon.

Raw egg may be scary for some westerners, but it is popular in this country.


Egg is serverd separately, so you don’t need to put it in the bowl if you hate it.

Noble Tea Time

This morning, I had a business meeting at a teahouse in the Isetan Kyoto Department Store, which is directly connected to the Kyoto Station Building.


This teahouse, MaleBlanche is run by a famous pattisserie(sweets speciality shop) of the same name in the northern district of Kyoto City.


The cake I had was excellent!

But can you just imagine three middle-aged guys are having tea raising their pinkies up in a noble teahouse?

That makes me smile.

Another happy day is expected.