Why Curry in Japan?

Few foreigners know how curry rice is popular in Japan.

It is one of standard foods of Japanese domestic cuisine, and mothers usually cook curry more often than once a month for their kids.

There are many curry speciality restaurants in towns.

Almost every coffee shop has curry on its menu, unless it is one that serves only drinks.

Japanese standard curry is British style, but Indian style restaurants are also popular these days.

Most Indian style curry shops are run by Indians or Nepalis.

The photo below is Mutton Masala and plain Nan of  ‘Taj Mahal Everest’, a Nepali-Indian restaurant in the northern district of Kyoto City.


This agreeable Nepali cook is a hard worker, and he hands out flyers at the nearby subway station when he does not work in the kitchen.


Inside the restaurant, you will see signs of language cocktail, — Hindi, Nepali, English and Japanese.


‘Taj Mahal Everest’ is located in a quiet residential area near Kitayama Street.