Japanese Curry

Today’s dinner is Japanese style curry and rice at Coco Ichibankan.


Curry and rice became popular in Japan since it was adopted in the Emperial Navy’s menu, in early 20th century.

Curry, not only stays good for days, but also contains a lot of vitame B1.

So it has preventive effect against beriberi disease, that was raging in the navy.

Soldiers back home missed curry and taught their wives how to cook it.

In the early stage, Japanese curry powder market was monopolized in fact by C & B co.Ltd, a British company.

But in 1923, a domestic company(current S & B Foods) first succeeded in manufacturing quality curry powder.

It was the dawn of Japanese style curry.

In the past over a century of history, this spicy food originated in India has so deeply permeated in Japanese eating habits.

And starting from the British style, we have developped our own style with rich variation.

These days, you can have curry everywhere in Japan.

Majority of coffee shops and restaurants has curry on their menu list.

There are many speciality chain shops, too.

Coco-Ichi (an abbriviation for Coco Ichibankan) is one of the most successful curry chains.

I had dinner at one of its over 1,400 shops. (photo below)