Japanese Fast Food

American fast foods such as McDonald’s or Kentuckey Fried Chicken are popular in Japan, but we have our own fast foods, too.

Typical Japanese fast foods are ‘donburi'(same as ‘don’, means bowl), udon(wheat noodle), soba(buck wheat noodle).

‘Nakau’ is one of the most successful don chain restaurants in Japan, along with ‘Yoshinoya’ and ‘Sukiya’.


At ‘Nakau’, you can have many kind of dons, including beef don –their main product.

Today,  I had ‘Oyako-don(parent-and-kid don)’ and small udon.


‘Parent-and-kid don’ uses chicken and egg.
‘Tanin-don(strangers don)’ uses beef and egg.
An egg is a kid of a chicken, but cows and chickens are strangers each other.
Funny naming, isn’t it?


Night street view from inside the shop makes me feel a little bit lonely.