Soup and Rice

I love “Ochazuke” .

While “Ocha” is for tea, “zuke” comes from the verb “tsukeru”, which means “to immerse, to soak”.

So “Ochazuke” is hot-tea-poured rice. It looks like the picture as follows.


But actually, this is not a “Ochazuke”. This is “Dashichazuke”.

What’s the difference?

Dashichazuke uses “dashi” — the basic soup, instead of tea.

Dashi is made of dried fish and dried kelps.

It is very important in Japanese traditional cooking and used in many kinds of foods.

I found a brand-new dashichazuke restaurant in the underground shopping area of Kyoto Station.

I learned it is one of dozens of the same chain restaurants.

Anyway, I enjoyed today’s lunch.