Soba with herring

Today’s dinner is Soba.


Soba(brown noodle made of buck wheat flour) is the most pupular traditional noodle in Japan along with Udon(white noodle made of wheat flour) .

Soba is served both single and with cooked food such as tempura or age(fried soy curd).


Today, I ordered Soba with cooked herring that is famous as Kyoto speciality soba.(picture above)


“Yoshimura” is a stylish Soba restaurant located in the northern district of Kyoto City.


This restaurant is new one just started last year, but adopts a lot of traditional architectural design.


Across the cash desk, you see the open noodle factory through window, and this is very unusual and interesting.


In Japan, not a few middle aged men are fascinated by making Soba noodle.

They go to school and learn how to make Soba noodle with brown flour, and open their own restaurants after retirement.

I just don’t understand what is so fascinating about manufacturing Soba noodle.

I prefer being a customer to being a Soba cook.